Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OK, I will try it :)

I have heard many times that blogging can change your whole perspective on life in a good way. So, here I go...........
Today I did our taxes. I am happy they are done. I am just waiting to make sure the IRS accepts them. I know, just random stuff......... I really don't know what to write.
I have four children. An 8 1/2 years old girl in 3rd grade, a 4 1/2 year old boy that goes to a school for developmental delays, a 3 year old girl that stays at home with me, and a 6 month old girl that also stays at home with me.
Speaking of the 6 month old, she is awake and calling me :)
I am a wife to a Man that is my opposite. They say opposites attract, I can attest to that ;) He completes me. He is my other half. He is strong when I am weak, he is calm when I am not (and I am not, a lot), he loves me with all of my faults even though I am not always fully there for him in ways he needs me. He understands I fall short. He works hard so that I can go to school and stay at home the rest of the time. I love him :)
I am going to school to be a nurse. If everything goes as planned, I will be applying for Nursing school this spring.
This is a basic introduction. Will try to do this more often.

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