Thursday, August 12, 2010

new weekly blog starting today

I should be six weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have fifths disease and have since the very beginning of my pregnancy. I am being followed very closely by the docs and will be sent to a maternal fetal specialist soon (3.5 hour drive away). From what I have read, I will be seen once a week or once every two weeks by the specialist with detailed ultrasounds. Having fifths during pregnancy (rare, 1 in 400) carries a 15% risk of fetal death and/or miscarriage or still birth.

I had a detailed ultrasound Tuesday (Aug 10, 2010) and it showed a sac that was too small to give a date with a yolk sac inside. It also showed a "slightly complex ovarian cyst" on my left ovary, a mild to moderate subchorionic hemorrhage next to my baby's sac that is the same size as that sac, also some "free fluid" in my "cul-de-sac", and mild bilateral maternal hydronephrosis.

I have to get another ultrasound later today or tomorrow. I am praying for a baby and a heartbeat. I have not told many of my friends or my Husband's family as they freak and get mad every time they find out that we're pregnant :(

So I think we won't tell his family until the baby is born, that way they won't worry about the pregnancy the whole time as they say they do.

I pray all is well with my pregnancy. Most of the time it take 10 weeks or so before the baby will show signs of symptoms if he/she catches it and then usually it is too late :(

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